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Great Staging Tips To Set A Buyer’s Mood At Your Home For Sale

Staging is the art of preparing your Rancho Cordova home for sale before showing it to prospective buyers. The point of staging is to highlight the house's strengths, downplay its weaknesses and make it more appealing. With the right decorating techniques, you can win buyers over the moment they step through the door. Below are a few staging tips to help make your house irresistible to potential buyers. Put Everything Away The first step is to put away anything that is not essential. This will … [Read More...]

What’s Ahead For Mortgage Rates This Week: March 18th, 2013

Last week's positive employment reports were good news for the economy, which typically causes mortgage rates to rise, but mortgage rates ended the week lower. As of Thursday, Freddie Mac reports that the average mortgage rate for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage was 3.63 percent with borrowers paying their closing costs and 0.8 percent in discount points. The average mortgage rate for a 15 year loan was 2.79 percent with borrowers paying their own closing costs and 0.8 percent in discount points. … [Read More...]

5 Quick Tips To Get A Better Price On Your Home Purchase

When you are looking to buy a home, it is important to keep in mind that no real estate price is set in stone. There is always room for negotiation, and with the right techniques you may end up saving thousands of dollars on your dream house. However, it can be tricky to get the right reaction when you are negotiating. Here are a few tips that will help you to haggle your way to the best deal. Find Out The Seller's Motivation If they really need to move and sell the property, it will be easier … [Read More...]

4 Critical Tips When Purchasing Foreclosure Real Estate

Buying a foreclosed property in Rancho Cordova and the surrounding area can be different than buying other types of real estate. In many cases you will be able to get a fantastic deal on a home, but you will need to go through quite a bit of work and negotiation. Here are four tips to help you navigate the foreclosure buying process: Find the right real estate agent The first thing to keep in mind is that your real estate broker will deal directly with the bank that owns the foreclosed property. … [Read More...]

Surprisingly Strong Jobs Report May Affect Mortgage Rates

Last week's jobs report -- a combination of the Department of Labor's Non-farm Payrolls Report and Unemployment Rate -- provided investors and job seekers with unexpected good news. Job growth for February handily exceeded most economists expectations of 160,000 by adding 236,000 new jobs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment increased in business and professional services, construction and healthcare: Business and professional services added 73,000 jobs Construction added … [Read More...]

3 Top Tips To Selecting The Right Home For Your Family

Whether you are moving to a new house with children or you are buying your first Sacramento home with the intention of raising future little ones there, many factors will come into play when making your decision. You will want to find a house with the right size and layout, that has a suitable number of bedrooms and bathrooms, is in an excellent neighborhood and has all of the local amenities your family will need. Here are three important factors to consider during your new home search: … [Read More...]