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What’s Ahead For Mortgage Rates This Week – March 28, 2022

Last week’s economic reporting included a speech and press conference by Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell, data on pending home sales and sales of new homes, and the University of Michigan’s monthly reading on consumer sentiment. Weekly readings on mortgage rates and jobless claims were also published. Fed Chair: Rate Hikes Above 0.25 Percent May be Needed to Ease Inflation Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell said that the Fed is willing to move beyond its recent 0.25 percent rate … [Read More...]

Tax Deductions Homeowners Can Claim During Tax Season

Even though owning a home comes with some significant expenses, some of them are tax-deductible. With many people looking for ways to lower their income tax, there are a few expenses tied to the house that every homeowner should consider. This could make a significant difference in their final tax bills, and it could lead to a large tax refund. Home Repair Costs There are a lot of people who need to make repairs to their houses during the course of the year. In particular, if you have recently … [Read More...]

Three Tips to Ensure That a Reverse Mortgage Makes Sense for Your Financial Situation

If you're having financial troubles, or if you need to free up a large sum in a short period of time, a reverse mortgage is a great way to get the money you need without having to take on new debt or make monthly payments. When you apply for a reverse mortgage - also known as a home equity conversion mortgage - you're essentially borrowing money from the equity you've built up in your house. The great advantages of a reverse mortgage are that you don't need to make any loan payments until you … [Read More...]

Condo Vs House: Which Is Best For Your Lifestyle?

Some people love living in condos, while others swear by detached homes. When it comes to deciding between the two, however, you can't always rely on someone else's word. Sometimes it's as simple as understanding and assessing your lifestyle to make the best choice, since condo living and home ownership are two radically different experiences, and thereby serve two very different types of lifestyles and personalities. Here are a few considerations if you're trying to decide whether you should … [Read More...]

Can I Pay My Home Loan Off Early If I Refinance?

Many people are looking for opportunities to save money on the cost of a mortgage. If you want to save money on your home loan, you might be thinking about refinancing. During the refinance process, you will replace your current home loan with a new mortgage. Some people want to refinance their homes to free up cash for a renovation project, while other people want to pay off their homes sooner. How can you pay off your home loan early through a refinance? Reduce Your Interest Rate  During … [Read More...]

What’s Ahead For Mortgage Rates This Week – March 21, 2022

Last week’s economic reporting included readings on housing markets from the National Association of Home Builders, sales of previously-owned homes, and government reports on housing starts and building permits issued. Weekly readings on mortgage rates and jobless claims were also released. NAHB: Builder Confidence Slips Two Points in March The National Association of Home Builders reported that home builder confidence in housing market conditions slipped two points to an index reading of … [Read More...]